I’m back!


Well, after nearly four years, I have dusted off this website and maybe this time I’ll stick with it. I’ll be expanding my posts to include a lot of stuff besides my random thoughts of life. Maybe some actually useful information!  In fact, I may add a second blog (if I can remember how) to discuss my subscription boxes (oooh what are those? find out)

I changed the tagline to “laughing at the days to come”. Had a conversation with my friend Lori Nabors a couple of months back – we have a lot of things in common – same birthday (different years!), hubbies with health issues, etc. So, as someone that is getting older, I think I may better understand that verse from Proverbs 31. It is a blessing not well understood by the young. I heard part of a TED talk the other day where the speaker’s research had shown that the older someone is the happier they are. At some point, you realize your end is closer than your beginning. That puts things in a unique perspective (unless, of course, you’re worried about your end….in which case you may not be so happy).

So, seemed like a good time to start this blog back up. I’ll see where it goes. And I’ll laugh if it doesn’t last a month….and I’ll really laugh if it lasts more than a year!

You can come along and laugh too!

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